"Kids On Trump" it's more than a Book it's a Movement!

Kids On Trump: America's Children On President Trump

 “Kids on Trump: America’s Children on President Trump” explores the question “Who is President Donald Trump?” through a collection of children's views on Trump along with exercises parents and kids can do together to get involved and create change in their communities. It is a unique publication that is not only an insightful look at how kids really feel about President Trump, but also a humorous read for adults (kids or no kids). 

#KidsResist Resistance Journal

 A MUST HAVE for the Kid Resistor in your life! Use this journal to record your thoughts, store your most frequently used resistance information, or otherwise plan your #Resistance! Includes 38 pages to document your Resistance journey.  

There are blank pages for writing or sketching, as wells as, several pages with writing prompts to get your creative thoughts flowing.  

#KidsResist Journal also includes spots for you record: Your social media sites; Resistance organizations you belong to; Resistance events you attended; Action Plans; Awards and Accomplishments; Fellow resistor contact information; Autographs by your fellow resistors, Photographs and more.  To purchase the hardcover version click here