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"Kids On Trump" is more than a book, it's a Movement! See our Kids On Trump Kids Page to tell us YOUR story! 

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Calling All Kids!

The authors of "Kids On Trump" are calling kids all over the world to action and challenging them to get involved in their communities and have their voices heard!                                                      

If you disagree with President Trump's ideas or his approach, then rally the people in your community and speak out directly to President Trump. Tell him how you feel, what he needs to do differently and why. Last, be loud and proud and have your voice HEARD!

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Check out out Kids On Trump Blog written by our Designated Kid Liaison Aedan :)

Kids Count!!!!

Your voice counts and you have more power than you know!  Do you have:

  1. Questions for President Trump?
  2. Comments or Suggestions to give President Trump?
  3. A story to share of how you are having your voice heard?
  4. A video you would like to post regarding your thoughts on President Trump?

Send them to us as we want to support you in having your voice HEARD!

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International Book Reviewer Jeyran Main

5 stars- "Great book, the kids are hilarious and so unfiltered and the exercises are great!!! The pictures are so cute too!"-Amazon Customer 3/2/17 

5 stars- "Kids are hilarious and this book was spot on! Loved all the activities. Great for a gift!"-Amazon Customer 2/22/17

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Kids On Trump Mission

Our mission is to empower kids everywhere by aiding them in learning how to have their voices heard. Kids can do anything! You are NEVER too young to make a difference!  Whether it is writing a book (Google Gordon Korman's 8th grade English Project), winning the Nobel Peace Prize (Google Malala Yousafzai)  or influencing the President of the United States, Kids of all ages CAN make a difference!

Kids On Trump: America's Children On President Trump-Book Authors

Marie Korman has an undergraduate degree in Humanities/Film and a Doctorate of Jurisprudence (J.D.). In her early years she worked as a journalist writing entertainment articles for local newspapers. She is a mother of two and devoted sister to four younger brothers.

Freida Raj holds a degree in Computer Science. She is a wife and mother and very active in her community.

Kids On Trump Creative & Promotions Team

Marie Korman-Author& Online Distribution/Promotions Director

Freida Raj-Author & Business Mgr./Print Publications Director

Joy T. A.-Retail Distribution/Events & Social Media Director

Aedan F.-Kids on Trump Staff Reporter & Designated Kid Liaison

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