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March 14, 2017

  About Me

 Hello my name is Aedan and I’m going to talk to you about me today. I like to go swimming and play a lot of games like football.  

My Role at Kids On Trump

My role at “Kids On Trump” is to post information on our blog about every two weeks. I am the person who talks to other kid bloggers and ask them if they would like to share the book with their readers.  I am also the person that kids can contact directly if they want more information about the book or the Kids On Trump Movement. 

 How I Became Involved With Kids On Trump

 Well one day my mom asked me if I wanted to work on this book she called it “Kids on Trump” so I said “yes”! It was nice to be able to participate in the book and be able to put out there for the world to read how I felt about President Trump.  On the day Donald Trump was elected I thought to myself “are these people serious” and then I felt depressed and angry with the people of the United States for letting this happen.  

 Issue of the Week-Transgender Kids 

There are transgender kids all over the world but Donald trump says that the transgender kids in United States of America can’t go to the bathroom labeled the gender that they are now, but instead must use the bathroom of the gender they were at birth. This makes me sad and angry so I am going to give my birthday money to these lawyer that are fighting for the transgender kid’s rights to go to the bathroom of their choice.  I’d like to ask all the kids in America to support Lambda Legal Defense and more importantly, if they see a transgender kid go into the bathroom, don’t say anything just keep quiet and help them if anyone tries to bully them.

 If you have questions or comments about my post then email me at and  I will answer them in my next blog post! 

See you in 2 weeks! :) 

Sincerely Aedan  

April 3, 2017

  Issue of the Week- Immigration    People should be able to immigrate because they are risking their lives to come here to the U.S.A., because there is either a war or people are trying to kill all of them because of their religion. 

There are kids in Austin, Texas (see this article in Huntington Post) that are scared that they are going to get kicked out of their homes and be put into a different country or that their parents are going to be put in jail. The cause of this is that President Trump is threatening to send back anyone who looks like they don’t belong in America and who are not citizens of the United States. However, these kids are attached to the United States as this is the only place they know and as some of the kids said they speak English and are afraid they will be sent back to Mexico.   

So what should people do about this?

 If you know someone is not a citizen don’t talk about it. Help these people stay here by keeping quiet about them being here illegally and offer to help them in any way you can. Don’t let what happened to Bernard Marks happen again.  (See this link about how the Holocaust started and that it could start again if this immigration problem keeps happening in the USA.) (Link of Bernard Marks speaking about Trump Immigration) If you have questions or comments about my post then email me at and  I will answer them in my next blog post!   

See you in 2 weeks!  Sincerely Aedan    

May 20, 2017

  Issue of the Week-Bullying   Bullying is a real problem it can go from making faces to name calling or even to beating people up and making them have a black eye. When people bully me it feels wrong and cruel for them to do that to me. When other people are bullied I think they feel the same way. So with that said if you see someone being bullied go to a teacher/parent or another adult. Stop bully by making your voice heard. 

No one has the right to be a bully…. not even the President.

 If you have questions or comments about my post then email me at and  I will answer them in my next blog post!   

See you in 2 weeks!  Sincerely Aedan  

Today we joined the Houston's Women's March! It was awesome! Check out the Photos from the march.

Please Support Lambda Legal

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